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Persons behind Cad ADMIN website and books:

Alar Jõgi

Alar JõgiAlar Jõgi started his working career in 2007 while still studying at Tallinn University of Technology to obtain his degree. He started working for E-Profiil as a Technical Designer and Method Developer. He successfully took the company from AutoCAD 2D and brought it to 3D using SOLIDWORKS and CUSTOMTOOLS. In 2013 he joined a newly founded company called DECK Engineering where he started working as a Product Engineer and CAD Manager. From 2018 he is Co-Founder and Manager of Engineering and Turn-Key company called ScaleUpX. He has implemented PDM systems for DECK Engineering, ScaleUpX and various other companies and helped them with CAD management and IT challenges. Alar is a certified SOLIDWORKS Expert and PDM Professional Administrator.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alarjogi/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alar_jogi
Company pages: www.scaleupx.ee ; www.shore-link.eu


Ants Palgi

Ants PalgiAnts Palgi has approximately 20 years of engineering experience. He is currently employed by ABB and works in R&D. During his time at work he has integrated a lot of legacy data management systems into one common environment. This has helped ensure that the documentation between multiple engineering teams working together is in order.
Additionally, he has previous career experience from a SOLIDWORKS technical support and consulting viewpoint, has hosted “What’s New” events, webinars, written blogs and trained users. Furthermore, he has worked as a VAR Application Engineer during which he successfully implemented CAD-PDM systems and received the Elite Application Engineer Award in 2011, the highest recognition available by SolidWorks.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ants-palgi-54899243/




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