In download section there are posted items what can be useful from SolidWorks administrating point of view. In case you are interested of something what is not here you are welcome to contact us. Important is to mention, that library is as is and the is not possible to give any warranty or take and responsibility. However, we are doing our best!

Weldment profiles

According to our experiences, Weldment profiles is most common custom created content. There are lot of them for downloading, but for some reason users prefer to have own ones. In following ZIP files there are most common profiles. Profiles are equipped with excel table and length is written into description field. In case you need to have description without length – simply open table and mark “Y” to “N”.

As obvious, profiles are pretty much local stuff, it is recommended to look what your suppliers offer in real life and remove in your region not available sizes from table.


Last updated: 22.05.219 (2018 version)