CAD Administration Handbook for SOLIDWORKS

We’d like to announce the arrival of one exciting book!

The CAD Administration Handbook for SOLIDWORKS aims to make SOLIDWORKS’ CAD setup more unified than it is today! It’s focused on helping you set up a complete and sustainable design system (templates, libraries, serial numbers, etc.) without having to dwell too deep into all the available features and functionality.

It’s a unique collection of both best practices and working examples and essentially a CAD administrator survival guide!

Two enthusiastic and professional long-term SOLIDWORKS users and CAD administrators have put their minds together to share their profound experience about topics which are fundamental for CAD administration.

Companies often struggle and lose efficiency when it comes to CAD data. Since there’s a shortage of both knowledge and people skilled enough to fill the role, they often don’t have a dedicated CAD administrator. However, it doesn’t have to be a full-time job! There just needs to be that one person, who has the resources and the dedication to keep things under control.

It is the CAD administrator’s responsibility to keep the system in order and running optimally to keep the engineers working as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, often enough, the CAD administrator also becomes the de facto go-to person with IT issues within smaller companies, because the people who are engaged enough to become CAD administrators tend to have a wide knowledge with various sides of the tech they work with.

This requires a lot of real-life knowledge and can be overwhelming for someone that hasn’t done it before. It also requires co-operation with the management to get the resources and time needed for the CAD administrator to do those things. This holds particularly true when the duties of CAD administration are more like a side job. But even if you have 10 engineers and the CAD administrator can make everyone work 5-10% more efficiently, it quickly becomes worth the money to have them spend five days a month implementing new things.

In smaller companies the effect might not be as noticable immediately, but even then every percent of efficiency gained is money saved.

That’s a lot of responsibility and until now there was almost nothing to help those people with the duties they had. This book will give them the upper hand when it comes to implementing changes and explaining it to the management. It will give them the technical skills, the knowledge and the self-confidence that comes with not just knowing why things should be changed, but also how they should be done.

Don’t spend time on reinventing the wheel! Get your copy today.

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